French-based La Rochelle rugby player, New Zealander Victor Vito is a 6.4 foot, 250-pound flanker, who’s position will usually see him running the ball, repossessing it from tackled teammates, lifting players for catches and tackling and pushing in scrums.

One of the most versatile players on field, Vito is strong, fast, agile and has the endurance to run over 6.5 kilometres a game.

Vito’s, training focuses on sprint intervals and strength circuits that are high intensity. This is his favourite workout, which he completes four times a week with one minute breaks between rounds:

Treadmill Sprints and Push-ups: With treadmill at five per cent incline, sprint for 30-seconds. Then step off and do eight push-ups over a further 30 seconds, with remaining time used as rest. Repeat three times.

Descending Pull-ups: Do three sets of pull-ups with 15 second breaks between sets. Do six reps, followed up four reps and then finish with two reps.

Plank and Side Plan switches: Hold plank for one minute. Without resting, rotate to your side and support your weight with one forearm. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch to your left side and hold for another 30 seconds.

Rowing: Do four one-minute sprint intervals with equal rest between each.