Fitness genetics seems to be the relatively quiet achiever in the world of weight loss and wellbeing, until now that is.

The science-based fitness system is trending across the world, as people seek more definitive and affective ways to reach their health and fitness goals, along with the assurance that their financial investment in a program is what it promises to be.

And the fact of the matter is, it’s hard to argue with science.

So what’s the hype with fitness genetics?

Firstly, genetics are beyond complicated so to bring it back to basics, fitness genetics is a customised workout and nutrition plan tailored to you based on your unique DNA. Your DNA is like your own personal operating system, so understanding your genetic code can play a big part in how you should properly work and feed it.

Fitness genetics deciphers this information and translates it to you. It could explain why the person beside you can eat a box of donuts every day and look like an underwear model, while you might catch a whiff of hot chips and feel your buttons pop.

Once your DNA has been sent away for analysis, a program is created based off the results. It advises what kinds of exercise would be most beneficial and effective to your body, as well as which foods and when, are likely to assist you to reach your body goals.

If you’re someone who has spent a long time trying to achieve a particular state of physical wellbeing through trial and error and sweat and tears, only to have not got where you want to be, fitness genetics may be the solution you need to try…


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